Why British Columbia?

BC’s sights and experiences include spectacular scenery, cosmopolitan cities and a wide and varied range of activities that highlight BC’s natural environment. Popular urban travel destinations like Vancouver and Victoria feature a wide range of accessible activities – [including ski/snowboard programs and many provincial parks]. Vancouver has a fully accessible public transit system that includes buses, community shuttle buses, SkyTrain, SeaBus and West Coast Express (train).

BC's population is wonderfully diverse. More than 40 major Aboriginal cultural groups are represented in the region. The province's large Asian communities have made Chinese and Punjabi the most spoken languages after English. There are also sizeable German, Italian, Japanese and Russian communities – all creating a vibrant cultural mosaic in which distinct cuisine, architecture, language and arts thrive

Not just a vacation destination!

World-class research hospitals and universities partner with 50 research centres, creating a dynamic, collaborative network for researchers.

A steady stream of innovation flows into British Columbia’s industries, thanks to our excellent educational institutions. The University of British Columbia alone has spun-off more than 100 life sciences companies, raising more than $2 billion in private investments.

Clinical Research in BC

Sector Funding

  • British Columbia’s deep pool of talent is matched by an ability to raise funds: Between 2001 and 2012, $1.8 billion was invested in the life science sector and an additional $1 billion secured for future research.
  • Bring your business to British Columbia. You and your employees will benefit from one of the lowest corporate income tax rates among G7 nations and the lowest provincial personal income taxes in Canada for individuals earning up to $121,000.

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